Designed to take care of people.
It adapts to each person through numerous ergonomic elements, reinforcing well-being and betting on the quality of materials.

With headrest: £350.00
Additional seat slide: £40.00


Syncro Mechanism: When the backrest is tilted 15° backwards, the seat tilts about 5°. Therefore, the angle between the torso and the thighs increases. This keeps the body moving and promotes blood circulation. It can be fixed in 4 positions.
Manual pressure tensioner.
Height adjustment by gas piston.
Adjustable arms in height and rotation. (2D) with soft rubber armrests.
Optional upholstered headrest, adjustable in height and inclination.
Seat: plywood with flexible, high-density rubber padding. Upholstered in “honeycomb”.
Backrest: mesh (fabric effect) of high resistance.
Independent lumbar support adjustable in height and depth.
Black nylon base with 5 spokes, 67 cm ø and rubber wheels.
4 colors available: Black, red, blue or orange.